H. Becker

H. Becker Irish Whiskey Foundation Blend 0,7 l

Artikelnummer H. Becker Foundation Blend Irish Whiskey

  • Kein Verkauf von Alkohol an Jugendliche unter 18 Jahren. Altersprüfung erfolgt durch DHL Alterssichtprüfung.
  • „Original Irish Spirit"
  • Triple Distilled
  • Irish Whiskey
  • Non Chill Filtering
  • Natural Colour with no added Caramel
  • Love, Friendship and Thankfulness
  • Alc. 40% vol
  • 0,7 l

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    H. Becker Foundation Blend is a shared „Blend in Spirit“ of love, friendship and thankfulness or in Irish „Grá, Cardieas, Buíocheas“, between true whiskey friends from Ireland and Germany. Our Foundation Blend  H. Becker Irish Whiskey is a handcrafted Blend of Virgin Oak matured Single Grain and Single Malt Irish Whiskey with a gentle Sherry Botas Finish. Non chill filtered with no added colour for maximum natural flavour. Triple distilled and individually cask married in a limited release of just three cask per small batch of 1260 individually numbered bottles.

    H. Becker Irish Whiskey Foundation Blend is an „Original Irish Spirit“.

    Unique Selling points:

    • Small Batch releases of just three casks per Batch.
    • Triple Distilled
    • Blended, Married and Finished in Hand Filled individually selected Casks
    • Non Chill Filtering
    • Natural Colour with no added Caramel.
    • An affordable, Premium Irish Whiskey Blend.
    • Appeals to Both Whiskey Beginners and Experts alike.

    Tasting Notes
    • Unique blend of selected Non Age Statement Single Grain and Single Malt Irish Whiskey Married and Finished in Bourbon Casks
    •Warm Malt Biscuit Nose with Butterscotch, Vanilla-Oak and Sweet Sherry Overtones.
    •Honeycomb and Toffee Biscuit with a surge of Malt-Cereal, followed by Dried Fruits and Sherry.
    •Long gentle Finish, Dried Apricot and Malt at first, fading to a lingering Sherry Cask Finish.