Portmagee Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey 0,7l

Artikelnummer 63846819

  • Kein Verkauf von Alkohol an Jugendliche unter 18 Jahren. Altersprüfung erfolgt durch DHL Alterssichtprüfung.
  • Original irischer Whiskey
  • Keine Kältefilterung, keine künstliche Farbe und kein Karamellzusatz
  • Gemischt, verbunden und von Hand abgefüllt in individuell ausgewählte Barbados Rumfässer
  • Alc. 40% vol
  • 0,7 Liter Flasche

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    Portmagee Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey is a single cask bottling of just 333 hand numbered bottles of Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey triple distilled from a mash bill of malted and un-malted barley and finished in a hand chosen Barbados Rum Cask. Our heritage honours the original Seine Boat Fishing Families of Portmagee’s Wild Atlantic Seaboard. Our unique character is enriched by finishing in wooden casks infused with Barbadian Rum -remembering Captain Theobald Magee, an 18th century adventurer famed for smuggling Spirits from the South, back to his Home of Portmagee.

    • A Super Premium Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey.
    • Triple Distilled in Copper Pot Stills from a mash bill of Malted and Un-malted Barley.
    • No chill filtering, no artificial colour and no added caramel.
    • Limited edition release of just one cask at a time.
    • Just 333 hand-numbered bottles per single cask release.
    • A Premium and Highly Collectable Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey in a Unique Barbados Rum Cask Finish.

    Tasting Notes: Portmagee Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey in a Barbados Rum Cask Finish.

    Nose: Warm evocative nose of Barbados Rum with notes of sweet marzipan, rich dark chocolate and coarse-cut old time Seville Orange Irish marmalade.

    Taste: Luscious, creamy mouthfeel with a tingle of hot spicy pimento berries, root ginger, dark sugar, and toffee apple.

    Finish: Warm all-spice and rich demerara sugar fades to coconut, toasted almond, and a finish of dark Barbados Rum.