O`Loclan`s Irish Whiskey - Discover the Spirit of Ireland

Original Irish Spirit

Perched on the western edge of Europe, where Ireland's seabirds soar freely on fresh, Atlantic, coastal winds. Ireland is a country reowned for its folklore and crafts, where whiskey distilling remains a time honoured tradition.

Discover this genuine tradition for yourself with O'Loclan's handcrafted Single Malt Irish Whiskey.

  • Single Malt
  • Triple distilled
  • Non chill filtered
  • No added colour
  • Luxury "Original Irish Spirit"

Distributors, importers and wholesalers only.


Products of Ireland.

Nose Dried prunes, fig, sherry and vanilla notes.

Taste Sweet at the beginning with a dry spicy finish.

Nose Hay, oak chips, sawdust, vanilla.

Taste Very light with slight fruit, the main flavour at the end being black pepper.

Nose Notes of honey, vanilla, caramel and chocolate. Slight hints of fresh and dried fruit.
Roasted flavours like coffee, toast and chocolate coming through, with a dry finish.