A Symphony of Nature and Tradition


Introducing Cúbhar Irish Whiskey: A Symphony of Nature and Tradition

Welcome to Cúbhar, where the rugged beauty of Ireland meets the time-honored tradition of whiskey-making. Our ultra-premium Collection of eight exquisite Irish whiskeys is a testament to the wild, untamed spirit of the Emerald Isle, and a celebration of craftsmanship perfected over generations.

Discover our Twin-Concept

Strength in Variety

At Cúbhar, we believe that true strength lies in diversity. Each of our whiskeys is available in two distinct strengths:

  • 46% Vol. Alc.: A balance of tradition and innovation, offering a smooth and approachable whiskey that captures the heart of Ireland's heritage.
  • Cask Strength 58% - 62% Vol. Alc.: For the bold and adventurous, our cask strength whiskeys unleash the wild nature of Irish whiskey in its purest form.

Crafted in Small Batches

Every Cúbhar whiskey is a fully matured single cask masterpiece, lovingly produced in small batches. Our commitment to quality ensures that each bottle bears a unique number, a testament to the dedication of our craftsmen.

The Essence of Ireland

Cúbhar Irish Whiskey encapsulates the untamed beauty of Ireland's landscapes and the rich tapestry of its whiskey-making tradition. We invite you to explore our collection and embark on a journey that transcends taste, capturing the very essence of Ireland in each bottle.

Welcome to Cúbhar, where tradition and nature converge to create something truly extraordinary. Experience the wild spirit of Ireland in every sip, and join us in raising a glass to the beauty of Irish whiskey. Sláinte!

Experience the TWIN-CONCEPT

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Two from the Same Cask: A Tale of Two Whiskey Twins

Imagine two siblings born at the same time and sharing more than just a birthday; they possess an unbreakable bond that transcends the boundaries of science and logic. These siblings, known as theCúbhar Irish Whiskey twins, resemble two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that seamlessly interlock and complement each other in ways that defy verbal description.

From the moment they exist, these whiskey twins embark on a journey of discovery, of exploration, that is unprecedented. But what really sets them apart is their emotional connection. With each drop of water, they change expression, moving closer and further away in quick succession.

So, the next time you happen upon a pair of Cùbhar Irish Whiskey Twins, take a moment to reflect on the emotional weave that binds them together. It's a tribute to the beauty of human connection, a reminder that love, compassion and empathy are the threads that bind us together, light up the world and warm our hearts. Whiskey twins, in their remarkable and extraordinary way, illustrate the impact of emotions on our existence and the connection of our souls.


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