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Buy your own barrel of whiskey

Cask property: purchase of own barrels in Ireland with storage option in bonded warehouse

We specialise in cask trade and cask maturation. We can fill almost any type of cask in any scalable quantity. Bourbon Casks are particularly suitable for standard maturation. Almost all other casks are also possible by arrangement.

We can access our own stocks directly for you, but can also offer you a selection of barrels from various distilleries. Having great relationships, we can also offer you New Make Spirit in any scalable quantity. This is not yet Irish Whiskey, as an Irish Spirit can only be called Irish Whiskey after 3 years, if it meets the requirements. Again, a large selection of barrel types for you.

In everything we do, product quality is of particular importance to us. We offer competitive prices for the casks we offer. You can bottle the barrels immediately or later, or let them mature for as long as you like.

Attention Angle Share: The Alc % Vol must not fall below 40% over the years. This would result in a strong devaluation.

After the transfer of ownership, the barrels are stored under your name in a bonded warehouse. When the spirit or whiskey is removed from this warehouse, customs fees, alcohol tax, excise duties, costs of removal from storage, bottling, transport etc. are incurred. Of course, we can also ship whiskey by tanker or in IBCs to other bonded warehouses.

Our offer is aimed at customers who are seriously considering Irish Whiskey and New Make as a resource.

Every new customer installation is very time-consuming, as we carefully check the details of the application and the relevant regulations in order to obtain the B2C storage permit for you. 
You will receive a cask certificate with a unique cask number from the storage company as proof of ownership and can personally inspect the casks by arrangement and also request individual samples each year. With your commitment, you make a real contribution to diversification.

We will also be happy to personally sign you up for a walk-through of your chosen storage location in Ireland or accompany you personally on larger transactions if you wish. Contact us for details.

*You purchase the barrels in a commercial transaction. Among other things, you as a B2C customer incur storage and insurance costs for at least 5 years.

*We cannot guarantee you an offer for a later repurchase and have no influence on the price development after the acquisition. 
Should we find a buyer for you at your request, fees will apply depending on the size of the deal.

Communication is the key to success. That's why I'm happy to invite you to a personal, confidential discussion at any time. 

*Please note that we do not provide tax advice. Please consult your tax advisor.