TARBH - Legendary Irish Whiskey

Legendary Irish Spirit

TARBH is a premium whiskey matured in bourbon barrels. Distilled, matured and bottled in Ireland: Legendary Irish Spirit.

In the unspoilt region of Ireland, two traditions have always been cultivated: Cattle ranching and whiskey distilling. An TARBH, in English the bull, in German der Bulle has long been a sign of the wealth of kings and has been firmly anchored in Irish legends since time immemorial.

Heritage Whiskey: In recognition of Irish traditions, farming and distilling, we have brought to life for you TARBH Irish Single Malt Whiskey and TARBH Irish Single Pot Still Whiskey. Triple distilled, matured in bourbon casks, Products of Ireland with an authentic Irish flavour, Small Batch from selected casks. Non-chill filtered for an expressive taste. 

TARBH Irish Whiskey. Composed by our professional experts for your enjoyment.

  • No chill filtering
  • Triple distilled
  • Small batch
  • Matured in bourbon casks


Products of Ireland.